Património do Vinho de Portugal

Portugal is a small country in Southwest Europe with influences from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean culture, still very much alive today – including in winemaking.
Over 4,000 years ago, the region where Portugal stands today was occupied and exploited for the production of wine by the Tartessian, the Phoenicians, the Greek and other people.
In 150BC, this region was known in the Roman Empire as “a region of unique characteristics for the production of wine.”
With the foundation of Portugal in 1143, wine became the most exported product of that time. Around 1460, the Portuguese discoveries began, opening the maritime trade routes between Europe and Asia and creating colonies, either negotiating or conquering the most important ports.
Among them, the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511, from where they arrived in China, around 1515, bringing along their precious wine.
It might not have been just a happy phonetic coincidence that the Chinese called Portugal ”Putaoya”; actually, in the sixteenth century, Portugal was the country of the grapes: the wine country.
The wine industry grew so much that a strong regulation was necessary. So in 1756 the 1st demarcated wine region in the world was born in Portugal (Douro), to protect the world-famous Port wine.
Nowadays, Portugal remains “a region of unique characteristics for the production of wine”, justified by the privileged geographical location and edaphoclimatic conditions. Portugal enjoys the best mix of the Mediterranean mild features and the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, with more than 3,000 sun hours per year – contrasting with less than 2,000 hours as Europe’s average – The climate is perfect and the maturations are just right to produce very high quality wines.
With a collection of over 300 grape varieties, the perfect weather to make excellent wines and a long tradition and expertise, we focus on producing quality wines and do not engage in the mass production of single variety, new world wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and so on as these are all finished in wood, and all tasting very much the same! We call these “Coca Cola Wines”.
Portugal wine making heritage has been proudly focused on selecting the many varietals available, and according to the soil and climatic features, applying the most updated oenology knowledge, applied hand in hand with the secular teachings passed from father to son, and thus achieving unique wines with unforgettable character.
Welcome to Top Wine country!