Making wine is for us an Art form, very much like an award winning Chef when creating his signature dishes. Although our approach to wine creation is unique, we remain faithful to our long tradition of Portuguese winemaking that has been passed from generation to generation, since the Roman Era, over 2,000 years ago.
Therefore, working in different regions and in cooperation of different wineries, every one of our wines is 100% originally designed, concept and finalized by our Wine Creator, João Tique, and is unique – the nose, the palate, the body, the colour – the experience!
At TopWines, Portugal and Quality Wine are our two great passions.
Portugal possesses the unique heritage of culture, customs and traditions of a country with more than 800 years of History. From Minho to Algarve, Azores and Madeira, Portugal has an outstanding cultural patrimony that is the result of several influences.
Our aspiration and desire to offer a genuine taste of Portugal through our wines became very clear from the very beginning and soon turned into a mission.
That is how we have created our wines – SUAVIS, BELLUS and CULTUS. Their names don’t just reflect their particular features, they also express their personality through the emotions they generate when savoured by a wine lover.
They represent Portugal and its invaluable world patrimony.
What do our wines have in common?
1. Each wine is made to enhance the natural features of the grape varietal, evidencing its terroir’s qualities and the constant search for excellence;
2. Small productions, Uncommon grape varietals, Old vineyards;
3. “Fruit prunings” are made, naturally increasing the quality;
4. The vineyard care and harvesting are made manually;
5. They are ecologically balanced, made with respect for the environment;
6. While manually eliminating all the bad grapes, there’s no need to use chemicals;
7. The need to use chemicals is vastly reduced in order to make as mush as possible a natural wine.