Quem é João Tique?

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Wine has been present in João Tique’s life ever since he can remember. Coming from a family tradition, of several generations of wine makers, the scent of the wine resting in the vessels inside their private Adega is one of his first childhood memories.
Nature explorer, acrobatic airplane pilot, trekking aficionado and passionate foodie are just a few of Tique’s many interests.
The passion for wine came when he started helping in the wine production and learning about viticulture in his early teens. In the 1980’s, His interest in wine grew and turned into a passion when he was fortunate to be mentored by some of the top wine virtuosos in Portugal. It was then that João Tique made his first steps in designing his own unique wines and today his mission is extended to create wines that symbolize the best of Portugal wine making, by evidencing each region’s natural features and providing Great New Wine experiences, year after year!