What is T.O.P.wines?

Tique’s Obsession with Portugal and its unbelievable wines is what led to this winemaking adventure. Tique is Obsessed with creating unique, great, unforgettable, Portuguese wines. Obsessed with the mission of transmitting that pure feeling of never having tasted anything like it. Tique is Obsessed with unravelling Portuguese wines with character and personality.


TopWines has the uncommon ability to produce great wines every year, from different regions.


It’s our purpose in life to reproduce the charm of Portugal in our wines; to rediscover the wonderful sensations, character and personality found in the Portuguese grapes.

Annually, we’ll come up with new surprises: exquisite blends, or even wines made from unusual grape varieties.


With our wines, we bring you aromas and flavours that might make you rethink everything you know about wine.


To talk about Portuguese wine, we can’t ignore the impact that our Latin History had on our people, and consequently, our winemaking. We descend from the Celtiberian peoples who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula with the Lusitanians and the Gallaeci. They helped form the identity of our country, and were followed by the Romans, who had the most influence in the development of our craft.


Wine was always important for us. And the expansion of our noble drink was started in the Roman era, when the language used was still Latin


To honour our past, our wines have Latin names that express their personalities and what they make us feel. Suavis, Bellus and Cultus are the first members of a family of wines that merge the best of past and that surprise any wine lover with their unique characters.